We offer Investment Planning advice to:

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    Duty of Care

    Ethos is committed to ensuring that the duty of care is maintained across all client types. When working with clients who have their own duty of care for their clients and charges (such as children or the elderly), we work closely with these entities to ensure that the duty of care requirements are maintained throughout the client chain.

    Ethos follows a goals based approach to investment planning. As detailed in our Effective Planning section, understanding the goals that you are looking to achieve and understanding your attitude to risk are essential for us to be able to plan, action and maintain your investment portfolio.

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    By understanding your goals, we are able to structure your investment portfolio with the ability to focus on these key milestones.

    Risk is inherent in every investment and it is with this understanding that we can advise on the appropriate investments and investment products.

    While we all have goals, there are occasions where circumstances require these goals to be deferred, realigned or changed to a new goal. With this in mind, as part of our planning stage, our team will select the appropriate investment products that provide flexibility should any unforeseen change in circumstance occur.

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    With the understanding gained through the Planning stage, we are then able to structure the suitable investments for you. A key component of this stage is selecting the appropriate asset mix, which is aligned to the risk profile for each investment and goal.

    The investment selection is flexible so that changes to market conditions, asset distribution, performance and risk can optimised as required.

    “We are able to offer our clients and clients a greater spread of investment in terms of appropriate asset classes and investment managers having taking into account your appetite for investment risk. We will also recommend investments with regard to performance and cost criteria, for example for mature markets we may access investment through low cost passive index tracking funds whilst using higher costed ‘best of breed’ specialist mutual investment funds for the more specialist sectors”. – John Morten

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    With any investments it is key that they are regularly managed to ensure that growth meets the initial objectives or are actively adjusted to meet changes in requirements.

    At Ethos, we are proud of our long term relationships with our clients. As a result of the relationships we have considerable experience in Investment Planning both before and after retirement. We work closely with clients through the ‘accumulation’ stage of their lives (usually while working), or a combination of growth & income, through to the ‘de-accumulation’ stage of their lives when they are partially or in full retirement and need to supplement pension income

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    As we work with individuals, trustees, attorneys and business entities, we cater for different levels of exposure to income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. We have access to various tax wrappers that allow us to work towards maximising “after tax” investment returns.