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Deciding how best to invest your money is a significant task. With so many options available and so many uncertainties these days, the challenge of choosing the right solution can be daunting.

Ethos is a small niche firm of independent financial advisers. Managing Director John Morten, Natalie Ringwood and a small team of paraplanners and administrators work together to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible, and identify the most appropriate route towards the achievement of your financial goals.

John Morten
Managing Director



Inheritance Tax

Over the past 50 years ordinary working folk have found that they have been propelled into the Inheritance Tax maze as a result of rising house prices, inheritances and plain hard work.

Retirement Planning

Many of our generation have concerns as to whether we will have sufficient wealth to fund the cost of a desired standard of living in retirement.

Retirement Lifestyle

Many of us know what our desired retirement vision should look like but over the past years have become increasingly concerned as to whether, in reality this is achievable.

Long Term Care

Our later life will hopefully be seen as our golden years where we have the time and hopefully health and financial security to enjoy a time of our life where we have choice, freedom, independence and security.

Investment Planning

Assumptions are changing together with increasing taxation, make it even harder to judge how long your money will last into retirement and beyond. Active ongoing asset management is required.

Pension Management

We consider the present and predicted economic climate to understand your priorities and the risks you are prepared to take to achieve them. Our goal is to find the perfect investment for you.

Financial Planning Solutions in an uncertain world

Meet The Team

How we work with you

Getting started

This is where we get to know you to understand the plans and objectives that you have both now and for your future.

Regular reviews

We have regular reviews to discuss the progress of the plan(s) that have been implemented and to check the Goals and Timeline to see if there are any changes.

Goals based results

Goals and personal circumstances can change, we are on hand to be able to discuss any changes that are needed to be actioned.

Case Studies

  • Income Plan, Health & Mobility

    Income Plan, Health & Mobility

  • Pension Planning & Income Management

    Pension Planning & Income Management

  • Long Term Care Annuity, IHT

    Long Term Care Annuity, IHT

  • Case Study 4

    Case Study 4

Financial Planning for Life

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