Welcome to Ethos Financial Planners

Deciding how best to invest your money is a significant task. With so many options available and so many uncertainties these days, the challenge of choosing the right solution can be daunting.

Ethos will eliminate as much of the uncertainty as possible, and work with you to identify the most appropriate route towards the achievement of your financial goals.

How long will your money last?

Today, more than ever before, assumptions are changing. Life expectancy is increasing and the economic climate has caused debt and low interest rates. These factors, together with increasing taxation, make it even harder to judge how long your money will last into retirement and beyond, and how you can make sure you still provide something for those you leave behind.

Who can you trust?

Add to this loss of trust – in bankers and politicians alike – it’s no wonder you are asking yourself ‘who can I trust to give me the best advice in my unique personal situation today?’ Who knows you well enough, and also has the knowledge and expertise to see the bigger picture in such difficult, confusing times? Quite a question! Hopefully you will soon see – Ethos is the answer.

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Ethos Financial Planners are based in Crawley and covering West Sussex and further afield, we are here to give advise to those who need it. Simply get in touch and we will be glad to help.